Producer of Amita Juices

Partner Ballkanik is the exclusive bottler of Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon for Albania and Kosovo for juice products under the brand name “AMITA”.

Actually In the organogram structure has 100 employees and two 2 production line:

  • 1lt (Tetra Pak Prisma)
  • 250ml (Tetrak Pak Square)

Amita Quality Values
Quality during the production of our juices is of utmost importance.

  • We supply raw material from certified suppliers and systematically check them in accredited labs.
  • During production we apply advanced systems that ensure the quality specifications.
  • In our plant we have a quality control lab, in which we extensively check the raw material the packaging and the final product.
  • We conduct chemical and microbiological tests to control our alignment with the quality specifications of the final product and its packaging.
  • We conduct external and internal audits to ensure the intact operation of our sites during all of the production stages.
  • We verify the appropriate transportation and storage of our products in the points of sale through frequent inspections.